Questions and Answers

1. Do I blow or not when asked by police to perform Breath Test?

Never submit to a breath test unless you have had nothing to drink at all.

2. Do I do field sobriety tests?

Respectfully decline ALL field sobriety tests. (It’s your right)

3. When can I invoke my Miranda Rights?

You can and should invoke your Miranda Rights immedietaly

4. Do I have to talk to the Police?

You do not, and are not required to say anything to the Police.

5. Should I give consent to search my car or house?

Never give consent to search anything unless there is absolutely nothing to hide.

6. Which Attorney should I hire?
You should only hire an attorney that specializes in your particular field and one you can call and contact personally.

7. Why do Attorneys have such different prices?
Attorneys have different prices based on experience and results and reputation. Each Attorney values his/her time differently.

8. Do I even need an attorney?
Any time your summoned to court you should always hire an attorney. Better safe than sorry.

9. What is the difference between State Court and Municipal Court?

State Court hears all Felony cases, Misdemeanors cases and some traffic tickets. Municipal Court only hears Ordinance violations and Infractions.

10. Should I use a bondsman or hire an Attorney?

Deciding between a bondsman and an attorney really depends on each defendant’s financial situation. If a defendant can afford to pay a bond, no bondsman is needed. An attorney can try and reduce the bond amount so the defendant can pay it himself.

11. Is it better to hire a former prosecutor?

In a criminal matter, a former prosecutor usually knows the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office and the court system. I would always hire a former prosecutor.

12. Do you take payment plans or credit cards?

The Law Office of Lenny Kagan does indeed take all forms of payment, including credit cards. Depending on the size of legal fee, payment plans are available.

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